Sash Mahara is an Industrial Designer from Canada who loves to create unique and meaningful products

Meet Sash

Hi there! I'm an Product Designer from Canada who loves to create unique and meaningful products.

I completed my Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Carleton University in 2022. My projects included a blend of physical and digital products which has provided me with a multi-disciplinary skill set in areas such as UX/UI, physical and digital prototyping, CAD, manufacturing, human factors, and marketing.

In summer of 2021 I interned at StarFish Medical, Canada's largest medical product engineering consultancy. I worked on a variety of medical products from handheld surgical equipment to large scale incubators. My focus was on user-experience analysis as well as early stage prototyping and concept development.

From 2021 - 2022 I worked as a UX/UI Designer at LISN, a podcast platform that's developing AI technologies to enhance podcast discovery and curation. I conducted user research analysis and concept development for new product features and integration. I lead the design of new customer on-boarding flows and the redesign of the platform for their LISN 2.0 launch.

Outside of design you can find me creating sci-fi concept art, planning my next camping trip, or making homemade pizza. Get in touch if you want a slice!